How To Apply & Get Job Offer In Canada As A Foreigner

Although, Canada has great job opportunities for everyone including citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents, and immigrants, getting a job in Canada is quite difficult especially if you reside outside the country. there are certain jobs a foreigner cannot be hired for. Except, there are no citizens or permanent resident available for that position.

An employer who intends to employ a foreigner who is neither a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident must first obtain LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) which is permission from the Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada.

This permission, allows the employer to hire a foreigner for a job if only there are no Canadian citizen or permanent resident around to take the job.

Knowing the right people is good for you, as a matter of fact, it could help you a lot in your quest to get a good job in Canada. But, knowing the right persons won’t help in a situation where there are unemployed citizens or permanent residents lining up for the same job.

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For instance, if you have a friend in Canada who knows a friend who is an employer and is looking for a Receptionist or a Secretary, you will not be hired for that position if there are unemployed Receptionists or Secretaries in that area no matter your qualifications.

What can I do to get a job?

The best thing you can do as a foreigner is to contact a recruiting agency especially the ones with what you are looking for. Many of the recruitment agencies have been paid by the employers so beware of those that would ask you to pay for their services.

Another option for you is to immigrate to Canada via an Express Entry System. This way, you have to take the first step to settle in Canada permanently as a skilled worker. The Express Entry is simply a way you could immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker or a trades-person with a measurable amount of experience.

With the Express Entry System, you don’t need to have a job to apply you only need some skill. This means you will have to register with Canada’s job bank in order to get the connection to an employer.

Some young persons who have no experience whatsoever could apply for the international experience class which gives an opportunity to people between the age of 18 to 35 from foreign countries the prospect to travel to Canada and work there.

You could also try the education system, which is an easier but very expensive way. If you can afford the Canadian education it could be the best shot you have to get a job, permanent resident card etc. in Canada.

On completing your course or program at a Canadian University or college, the school will put you in an internship program or a Co-Op program. This will give you a platform to gain the necessary work experience you need in the Canadian workforce.

If you perform very well as an intern, the company might decide to retain you after one or two years of working with them and if you decide, you could apply for a permanent residency.

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Useful Tips:

    • Before you enter Canada, try to make inquiries for the best location for you. Look for a location that suits your profession, for instance, an Engineer in oil and gas company would likely get more opportunity in Calgary.
    • Try to speak and write good English Language and try to be confident.
    • Try to make good friends while you are there and build a good relationship with them, they might be your connection to success.
    • Attend seminars and lectures and get enlightened about Canada’s way of life in order to fit in.
    •  Every country has little slangs, try to learn Canadian slangs and small talks.

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